Juego de piñatas y piñatas

Piñatas are an excellent way to entertain your guests and are perfect for children’s and adult parties alike. There is plenty of speculation on where pinatas originated from, Mexico? Italy? China? Yes we said china! They filled them with seeds, smashed them at new years and kept the remains for good luck! Over time the tradition evolved to paper mache shapes filled with sweets and toys! Choose from Standard Pinatas to be hit with a stick or pull string pinatas – The safer bet for smaller children and surrounding objects! Be sure to remember your blindfold and Piñatas fillers! We have plenty of sweets and toys that are perfect fillers, you can even put other items in to suit the event! Babies and toy bottles for baby showers , Jewels and toy jewelery for your princess party – just think wisely… Miniatures will fit! But won’t survive the attack.. We have courier’s available to deliver your pinata the very next day if your party is just around the corner!