Cuerdas, postes y alfombras VIP

Our Ropes and poles are the perfect addition to any party wanting that Red carpet experience! Give your party guests that VIP experience with our prestige range in either gold or chrome and your choice of coloured rope. Perfect for creating an entrance to remember, and some amazing photographs! Whether you’re hosting a Hollywood night, throwing a Prom for your school or college, or you’re a nightclub looking for that added Glamour – these Ropes and poles are an ideal accessory! Also we have a value range available for those smaller parties, so you can bring the luxury to your living room at this New Year’s celebrations! We also stock the Red carpet (Or Pink, Black, Blue or White!) So you can complete your 5 star evening! Match up with your party ware and create a striking entrance and walkway for your guests whatever the occasion. Our carpet is cut to size so be sure to order enough. The minimum order is 2 meters to ensure a nice length of carpet at your venue!There’s no excuse not to bring a little luxury to your night.