Cilindros desechables de gas de helio

Buy Disposable Helium Gas Cylinders from £18.99. Available on their own or buy in kits with helium accessories and ribbons. 24hr Delivery Available at the checkout! We’ve all been reading in the News about the Helium Gas shortage and the world has been wondering whether the humble Helium Filled Balloon Days were numbered! Well, at Partyrama we’re happy to say that we’re unaffected by the Helium shortage crisis and it’s business as usual! Disposable Helium Canisters are a great way to fill balloons and can often save you lots of money. The Helium Canisters are Safe, light weight, easy to use and safe to store at home. You can use helium to inflate a variety of balloons including, latex, plastic, Mylar, foil and others too. Be careful that you know the size of your balloons as this will determine the amount of Helium Gas that you require.