Máscaras Personalizadas, Caretas personalizadas con foto

Size: 21x 30 cm

Impresión en alta calidad en cartón de 280 gr. Se entrega en un A4 con el perfil perforado, los ojos perforados, nariz perforada parcialmente y agujeros para goma eléstica perforados.

Se incluye goma elastica de alta resistencia de 2 mm de grosor con cierre pasador metálico.

Muy fácil preparación y no se suelta ni se rompe ni la goma ni el cartón.


Máscaras Personalizadas, Caretas personalizadas con foto

x € 5.99
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Custom Personalised Masks can take up to14 working days.
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Caretas Personalizadas

Caretas/Máscaras Personalizadas de tu cara, partiendo de la Foto que nos envíes. Perfilamos la careta en función del perfil de cada foto. Impresas sobre cartoncillo estucado blanco satinado de 250 gr. Tamaño aproximado 29.5x21 cm., según foto. Las Caretas Personalizadas se suministran con una goma elástica. Ideal para fiestas de disfraces. Para bodas, (los invitados se colocan las caretas con las fotos de los novios).

Despedidas de solteros. Homenajes. Realmente, muy original. Pedido mínimo 5 ud.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are personalised face masks?

Personalised face masks are a new and exciting way to liven up your party! Made from high quality cardboard,these mask are a sure fire way to get the party started weather it be for a stag or hen night party, birthday celebration, work party, fancy dress or whatever you like!

What is the size of the facemask?

Our A4 masks measure 210mm x 305mm

What can i use them for?

These masks make a great additional to your party, they are a great ice breaker and your friends and family will be in hysterics!

Is there a minimum number of masks i need to order?

Yes the minimum order pack is for 5 masks.

How long do they take to arrive?

Customised masks take between 3-4 working days.

Can i use images from Facebook or any other social networking site?

The image used should ideally be taken from a digital camera or a high quality phone camera as this will produce the best quality image for the masks. We cannot use images from Facebook or any other social networking site as they are not suitable to use.